Jive's New Community Platform - JiveX

Customer communities looking to go to the cloud are in for a treat.  On top of our biggest cloud release for social enterprise networks, we also unveiled at JiveWorld13 our new cutting-edge community platform for the cloud -- JiveX.

For years we’ve heard countless success stories from you about how you’re using our industry-leading customer community platform to engage with customers.  You’ve shared with them and learned from them in truly meaningful ways that helped increase loyalty and at the same time reduced costs.  Now, with JiveX, you can have the power of this platform right in the cloud...with all of our latest innovations rolling in more frequently.  Check out what’s available with the introduction of JiveX -- coming to a cloud near you in early 2014:

Facebook, Twitter and Marketo Right At Your Communities’ Fingertips

JiveX communities can now integrate Facebook and Twitter streams so that the social conversations people are having merge directly and seamlessly into one central hub.  JiveX communities can also incorporate data from CRM and marketing systems like Marketo, helping keep teams focused on key metrics and delivering on business objectives.












Analytics With An Impact

We’ve built point-and-click analytics into JiveX, giving community managers real-time insight into their contributors’ sentiment and even providing information about how to improve the efficacy of their posts, thanks to our Impact Metrics product.




We didn’t fix what wasn’t broken.

The popular features you all love -- like advanced gamification, sophisticated search and theming that highlights people, places and content from inside the community -- are built into the fabric of JiveX.

At the end of the day, we know that an engaged community of customers matters more than any single product innovation - and with the power of the cloud behind it, the JiveX community platform is poised to deliver value like never before.